Psyros Diagnostics

Psyros Diagnostics (Psyros) has developed a ground-breaking single-molecule counting Point-of-Care (POC) technology for digital immunoassay. Only a small drop of blood is required to perform the test.

Strengths with Psyros' ground-breaking technology

Strengths with Psyros’ ground-breaking technology
In addition to the existing PLD MicroFlex platform:

  • A brand new, innovative POC technology for digital immunoassay digitally counts individual molecules from a drop of blood.

  • This patent-pending and multiplex-capable technology enables the measurement of biomarkers at extremely low concentrations.

  • The system consists of a simple and easy to use single-use test cartridge and dedicated analyser. Further advantages of the digital immunoassay include its simplicity and low production costs.

  • The response time is very attractive, 10 minutes or less.

  • The new ground-breaking technology also opens up the possibility of developing new POC tests in a wide range of clinical areas that were previously only possible to carry out in specialised laboratories.

  • Potential future applications include neurological pathologies (dementia, traumatic brain injury etc.), immune system dysfunction (sepsis, autoimmune disease) and virus detection, including Covid.

  • The unique ability of the Psyros’ platform to individually count molecules at low levels opens up the potential of POC immunoassay sensitivity that could approach or surpass the performance of PCR for the detection of contagious viral particles in biological fluids. Furthermore, and importantly, the Psyros platform may provide results within 10 minutes or less, which is a significant improvement compared to PCR.

  • The cutting-edge technology behind the digital immunoassay can make it possible to test completely different biomarkers with high sensitivity and accuracy on a single POC instrument.

Strategically important acquisition

The new digital technology was incorporated into Prolight Diagnostics in early 2022 through the acquisition of the British company Psyros Diagnostics, which has developed a new, cutting-edge POC technology for digital immunoassay.

Today there is a clear and strong need for fast and accurate point of care testing. The market demands that more tests be moved out of the large hospital laboratories and closer to the patient and treating caregivers. Interest in POC testing increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to increased recognition of the value of rapid, simple, and effective testing close to the patient. Our ambition is to develop the best and most innovative POC systems in the market.

Psyros Diagnosics has developed a ground-breaking POC technology for digital immunoassay that digitally counts individual molecules from a drop of blood. This patent-pending technique, which also offers multiplexing capability, will allow measurement of biomarkers with extremely low detection levels (10-15 femtomolar) within about 10 minutes or less.

"In conclusion, we are very pleased that Psyros Diagnostics' highly qualified team will continue their important development work in the joint company. Together, we assess that the joint company is very well positioned to become one of the strongest players in the POC market."

Ulf Bladin
CEO, Prolight Diagnostics